Startup projects


Kaleidoskoop is the biggest student pitching competition in South-Estonia. It takes place in two stages. First, the student teams have to pitch their idea to judges at the Delta X competition.

Winners of  2021 - Team PetLog

of spring 2020 - S-Kub 

of autumn 2019 - Münt

of spring 2019 - io_developers

Winners of autumn 2018 - TRIT

Winners of 2018 spring - CarZam

Winners of 2017 autumn - Decomer Technology

Winners of 2017 spring  - Will Digital

Winners of 2016 autumn - Festera

Winners of 2016 spring - Konku

Wanna be the next Kaleidoskoop winner?
If Kaleidoskop sounds interesting to you and you think you have it all to win it, then all you have to do is register your idea to Kaleidoskoop pre-selection. In the pre-selection round, the best teams will be selected to compete in the finals. 

Requirements to participate:

  • At least 50% of the team members should be students from universities, vocational, or general education schools.
  • Have been developing their idea for no more than a year
  • Have not been awarded at previous Kaleidoskoops.


Kaleidoskoop is financed by EU Social Fund.