Meet the 11 sTARTUp Lab teams

The 2022 Spring semester of STARTERtartu has been awesome. 11 teams have joined the programme to turn their idea into reality!

You can now read a short introduction about each of the teams. We asked them to introduce themselves in one or two sentences. To find out more about the teams make sure that you follow sTARTUp Lab in Facebook.  

STARTERtartu 2022 Spring teams
-  Bankery, a fintech company, brings together loan applicants and banks to enable private individuals to get loans faster, cheaper and with higher probability.

CoolCDN -  CoolCDN is developing a fast, secure, and cost-effective CDN (Content delivery network) to help website owners to have faster websites.

Double E -  Double E is going to produce waste-free makeup kits for children.

EdTech Gurus -  EdTech Gurus is an educational technology consulting agency helping EdTech companies, startups, and entrepreneurs to have certainty that their ideas, developments, and investments will be aligned with educational industry expectations.

Food Delivery App -  We are promoting home-cooked food through our delivery app. This brings together national cuisine cooks and food-lovers.

LockWise -  LockWise is providing satisfaction and peace of mind to help worrying people to check if their home door is locked from a phone app by adding the device to their own existing door lock.

Longevity -  Longevity is developing a service aimed to help people concerned about their biological age by providing analysis of their DNA and personalized recommendations.

Museful -  Museful turns collectors' homes into personal museums and allows collectors to receive bookings from visitors.

Opus -  Opus is a co-working center where people can immerse themselves in an inspiring atmosphere and be surrounded by a community of talented people from different fields of activity.

Storybox Games -  StoryBox Games offers unique emotional experiences through games helping players get a different perspective on life inspired by the events people have had.

Wooden Houses -  Wooden Houses, is developing robot built wooden houses to help working class people to build stylish garden houses easily and quickly in remote locations.