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FROM 4 PM TO 7.30 PM
Pitching Training
In this STARTER programme workshop, teams will learn storytelling and perfect their pitches. Teams will get to put together a pitch, practice it and get feedback! This workshop is a preparation for business ideas competition Kaleidoskoop at the UT Delta Business Conference!

Triin Kask - "Pitching is an art, but it’s an art that anyone can master." 

Pitching Training
 is a practical workshop to improve your presenting and public speaking skills. You will build confidence by constructing your story and learning techniques for speaking in front of professionals.

Pitching training by Triin Kask! She is co-founder and CEO of the startup Nevercode. She has seen life in Silicon Valley and knows the taste of failure and success. She is the winner of Slush Seedcamp competition 2015. Her work in the university combined with practical start-up experience has given her different viewpoints and skills. Her goal is not only to succeed but to help people understand the real magic of being an entrepreneur.

Read what has Triin written about pitching:  https://estonianworld.com/business/what-is-the-secret-of-successful-pitching/

The event is free, but please register before!
The event is funded by the European Social Fund.
I am aware and I give my permission to:
1. Take pictures of me at the public event.
2. Use the pictures and videos for marketing purposes in the programme communications.
3. Use my information for entrepreneurship programme Edu ja Tegu participants statistics and feedback.


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