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FROM 4 PM TO 7.30 PM
Product and Service Design
Our next workshop is all about product and service design
Led by Markko Karu

How to focus on what matters? In building products and services, companies tend to get overwhelmed by the complexity of running a business. They fail to improve critical parts of their service, run out of resources or will be outrun by their competitors.

User-centered development and design thinking are methods to find out what companies should focus on and how to find out what their customers appreciate. In the workshop, we will examine the tools used in the design process and feature prioritization that will help you to focus on delivering value, not just building stuff.

Who is Markko Karu? In the past 25 years Markko has consulted hundreds of organizations with design, communication and product/service development issues, co-founded few creative companies and several startups and acted as a spokesperson for the Estonian design industry. Today he is a freelance consultant, helping companies to improve and innovate. His goal is to create new products and services that are aesthetically pleasing, easy to use and solve real-life problems.

  • 90% of businesses growing rapidly say the design is significant to them; only 26% of static companies say the same.
  • Design reduces costs by making processes more efficient. It can also reduce the time to market for new products and services.
  • Almost 70% of companies seeing design as integral have developed new products and services in the last three years, compared to only a third of businesses overall. 

The workshop is free of charge and in English but please make sure to register of IdeaLab web page!

The event is funded by the European Social Fund.
The event is funded by EIT Health.
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