Workshop by Fred Krieger!

On 28th of September, Fred Kreiger led a workshop on business development. In his workshop, he mostly talked about Lean methodology which is a quite new way of leading a company. Lean’s main idea is that organization understands customer value and focuses its key processes to continuously increase it. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through a perfect value creation process that has zero waste.

Team Guide You Way member Jane said that the main thing they realized is to think through the details and the workshop made them set specific next steps.

Fred Krieger is the founder of Scoro which is an end-to-end work management solution. It allows professional and creative services to control their entire workflow from one place. Scoro helps to streamline work and eliminate routine tasks to ensure a business runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible – from sales right through to billing. In 2016 work management solution Scoro secured €1.7M in funding!

„Main thing Fred Krieger said is that you need to have a contact with your customer – you need to get their feedback. And this means a lot of talking with your (potential) customer,“ said Rihard from sParking.

„You can’t make a product to everyone. If you say to an investor that your idea is to everyone they don’t take you seriously!“ said Riin from team TIIU.

Fred brought forward that being an entrepreneurship is not an easy job. We all have choices either to start working a corporate job with a great salary, get a home loan, lease a car and then realize that you can’t quit your job („Golden handcuffs“) or persuade your own idea!

Renee from Bookly took the event together with Fred Krieger’s quote „Building up your own business is 10-20 times more difficult than a coporate job and it may take 7 years but at the end, it is worth it!“