Vega fund kickoff capital recipients for spring 2017 have been selected!

During the award ceremony Kaleidoskoop finals on 19th May, the Vega fund kickoff capital recipients were also revealed. This semester, the jury selected four teams which will get 3000€ to 5000€ worth kickoff capital to develop their projects.

This year, 19 projects were sumbitted for Vega fund kickoff capital and 11 of them were invited to pitch in front of the jury. After that, the board of judges selected four projects which stood out with their strong science background and validated business models:

  • Brighter Algae: production of biodiesel using seaweed oils 
  • Decomer Technology: production of gelatine-based eco-friendly polymers 
  • MIRFECT:  better and more effective RNA transportation to intractable types of cells 
  • PowerUp Energy Technologies:  hydrogen fuel cell based electrical generator for maritime, recreational vehicle and military applications 

Linda-Marie Kimmel, leader of team Brighter Algae said that the trickiest part for their team was preparing the pitch for the jury. "We are completely sure that our project is worth working for, but it was a  challenge to convince the jury as well," she said,  "Recieving the capital proved that others see the potential behind the idea as well - that surely is a great motivation boost!"

Mart Salumäe, another capital grantee and leader of Decomer Technology, claims that the funding helps them to achieve goals faster: "Thanks to the funding we can soon move on to industrial testing and planning the mass production."  Salumäe also encourages everyone to use different opportunities and apply for such grants: "If you believe in your idea and you know why you're doing it - convincing others is a piece of cake!"

The ideas were evaluated by the jury consisting of entrepreneurs with scientific background and University of Tartu representatives: Sven Lilla (head of the jury), Kuldar Leis, Kuldar Kõiv, Indrek Tulp, Taavi Tamm, Aivar Pere and Vaido Mikheim (Tartu Science Park).