Lean Canvas - who is your customer?

On Thursday we had our second workshop of STARTER Basic on topic Lean Canvas and it was led by Taavi Tamm! Teams got to write their business idea on a canvas and see the bigger picture.

The main questions were:

1.   WHO is your customer?

2.   WHAT is the value you provide?

3.   HOW are you going to do it?

And the more specific you are while describing your customer, the better! For example, think of two customers. Both were born in 1948, male, raised in Great Britain, married, successful and wealthy. Both of them have at least two children, like dogs and love the Alps.

If you are selling cars would they both buy the same car? If one of the men is Prince Charles and another one is Ozzy Osbourne (which they are by the description) would they be driving the same car?

Also, would Charles and Ozzy have the same problems? Think about what are your customer’s problems they need solving. This is how you develop your product – by solving problems!

Next workshop will teach how to pitch and will be moderated by Dean A. DiNardi. He has written a book about pitching: "PITCHERSIZE: Working Out the Perfect Pitch"!

The event is funded by European Social Fund.