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From 22.10. - 29.10.2020
Mentor Feedback Carousel
What is Mentor Feedback Carousel (MFC)? Shortly said it is an event where teams can get professional feedback on their idea from local entrepreneurs and field experts.

How to participate?
This time MFC is only available for STARTERtartu teams and is taking place online.
  • Each team needs to fill in one-pager about their idea on starteridea.ee and send 1 minute video pitch about their idea to Andres (andres.vaher@ut.ee) before 20.10.2020. 
  • UT sTARTUp Lab team reviews and forwards them to the mentors and sends mentors' contacts to the teams. 
  • The teams arrange a meeting with the mentors to ask for feedback on their idea.
  • By November 2 teams will have reported back to their supervisors how their feedback sessions went.

How to prepare, what to ask or what to do during mentor meetings?

  • Prepare - Find out who they are and let them find out about you too.
  • Don't forget to introduce yourself properly
  • Pinpoint your biggest challenge
  • Think of a few ways mentor can help you
  • Take notes
  • Express gratitude
  • Enjoy it

For more information contact Andres Vaher, andres.vaher@ut.ee.

The event is funded by the European Social Fund and EIT Health
I am aware and I give my permission to:
1. Take pictures of me at the public event.
2. Use the pictures and videos for marketing purposes in the programme communications.
3. Use my information for entrepreneurship programme Edu ja Tegu participants statistics and feedback.

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